Postdoctoral Program Opportunities

August 18, 2016

The NASA Astrobiology Program element of the NASA Postdoctoral Program (NPP) provides opportunities for Ph.D. scientists and engineers of unusual promise and ability to perform research on problems largely of their own choosing, yet compatible with the research interests of the NASA Astrobiology Program. The intent of this program is to develop outstanding early career astrobiology researchers, broaden the scope of Astrobiology Program research, and continue to build and integrate the astrobiology community. Selection priority will be given to applicants whose proposed research is particularly interdisciplinary and that extends the individual's research beyond its current focus. Similarly, applicants responding to opportunities offered by advisors from NASA Astrobiology Institute (NAI) teams will also be given a higher priority if the proposed research involves collaboration with other NAI teams, as a way of further broadening the scope and impact of the applicant's research.

Applicants who apply for this research opportunity and are subsequently selected for an NPP award are expected to attend the Astrobiology Graduate Conference (AbGradCon) and the Astrobiology Science Conference (AbSciCon) using travel funds that are conferred as part of the NPP award. The NASA Postdoctoral Program is administered by the Universities Space Research Association (USRA). Applications are accepted three times each year: March 1, July 1, and November 1. For additional information about the program see