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One permutation of how our interdisciplinary astrobiology team maps to various disciplines.
Figure 1.
Meet the Icy Worlds Team

Team - People

NameTitleOrganization / Profile
Isik KanikPrincipal Investigator, Senior Research ScientistJPL (Profile)
Paul JohnsonSupervisor, Planetary Ices GroupJPL (Profile)
Laura BargeResearch Scientist, Planetary Chemistry and Astrobiology GroupJPL (Profile)
Michael RussellResearch Scientist, Planetary Chemistry and Astrobiology GroupJPL (Profile)
Steven VanceResearch Scientist, Planetary Chemistry and Astrobiology GroupJPL (Profile)
Ivria DoloboffEngineer Tech / Data Management Specialist, Planetary Science GroupJPL (Profile)
Rohit BhartiaTechnical Assiociate StaffJPL (Profile)
J. Michael BrownProfessorUniv. of Arizona (Profile)
Mathieu ChoukrounPlanetary ScientistJPL (Profile)
Lance ChristensenPart of the Atmospheric Laser Spectroscopy Group JPL (Profile)
Robert HodyssPlanetary Ices Group ScientistJPL (Profile)
Robert PappalardoSenior Research ScientistJPL (Profile)
Christophe SotinSenior Research ScientistJPL (Profile)
Jan AmendProfessor of Earth and Biological SciencesUSC (Profile)
Rory BarnesResearch Assistant ProfessorUniversity of Washington (Profile)
Marc BaumSenior FacultyOak Crest Institute of Science (Profile)
Bruce BillsPrincipal ScientistJPL (Profile)
Lance ChristensenAtmospheric Obervations ScientistJPL (Profile)
Geoffrey CollinsProfessor of GeologyWheaton College (Profile)
Steven DeschProfessor of AstrophysicsASU (Profile)
Jason GoodmanAssociate Professor of PhysicsWheaton College (Profile)
Shino Suzuki (Ishii)Assistant Research Professor of Earth SciencesUSC (Profile)
Jeffrey KargelSenior Associate Research ScientistUniversity of Arizona (Profile)
Giles MarionAffiliate Associate Research ProfessorDesert Research Institute (Profile)
Christopher ParkinsonProfessor, Department of BiologyUniversity of Central Florida (Profile)
Peter WillisInvestigation Scientist, SuperCam, Mars 2020JPL (Profile)
Elbert BranscombBiocomplexity Research Theme MemberUniversity of Illinois (Profile)
Giuseppe EtiopeSenior ResearcherNational Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, Rome (Profile)
Nigel GoldenfeldProfessor in PhysicsUniversity of Illinois (Profile)
Jennifer JacksonProfessor of Mineral PhysicsCaltech (Profile)
Terence KeeReader in Inorganic ChemistryUniversity of Leeds (Profile)
Jun KimuraResearch ScientistTokyo Institute of Technology (Profile)
Jose MarquesScientistUniversity of Lisbon (Profile)
Victoria MeadowsProfessor of AstronomyUniversity of Washington (Profile)
Kenneth NealsonProfessor of Earth Sciences and Biological SciencesUSC (Profile)
Robert PappalardoEuropa Clipper Pre-Project ScientistJPL (Profile)
Ken TakaiDirector, Dept. of Subsurface Geological Analysis and ResearchJAMSTEC (Profile)
Andrew ThompsonAssistant Professor of Envrionmental Science and EngineeringCaltech (Profile)
Takazo ShibuyaResearch ScientistJAMSTEC, Japan (Profile)
Dave VanderVeldeManager of the Solution NMR FacilityCaltech (Profile)
Rachel Zimmerman-BrachmanSolar System and Technology Education and Communications SpecialistJPL (Profile)